Gluten Free Foods: Bacon

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Gluten Free Foods: Bacon

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For those who must maintain a gluten-free dietary regimen, a level of vigilance is always necessary when making food choices. As a general rule, bacon does not usually contain any gluten and is an excellent source of protein. Most bacon is cured with nitrites and sugar, which are both gluten-free, but some precautions should still be taken.

Some brands of bacon may be processed at facilities in which the space or equipment was shared with gluten containing ingredients. The key is to find a brand of bacon that states on the package that it has been manufactured under gluten-free conditions. Many bacon manufacturers guarantee that their bacon products are gluten-free, in addition to containing no gluten ingredients. Keep this handy list of brands bookmarked.

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The other way to tell if bacon has gluten is to check the label for ingredients that might be found in some bacons coated with certain seasonings or spice mixtures. Another factor to take into consideration is the smoking process. Obviously, the process of smoking the bacon over Applewood or hickory chips won’t add gluten. But if liquid smoke is added, this could cause potential problems. Some manufacturers of liquid smoke use barley malt powder which does contain gluten.

Given the restrictive nature of many gluten-free diets, bacon is an option that is a tasty, healthful, and satisfying source of vitamins and protein that can be enjoyed any time of the day with other gluten-free foods.’s Gluten Free Bacon of the Month Club” is one way to ensure a steady supply of gluten-free bacon.

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