Get Lucky With Bacon


What is “Luck”? According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, luck is “a force that brings good fortune or adversity”. Some of us believe in rabbit’s feet, horse shoes, Karma, and even lucky underwear. In March, we tend to think more into luck and how we acquire more of it. While most of us don’t actually believe that leprechauns, with their rainbows and pots of gold, will bring us more luck and happiness, we’re all still wondering what truly can.

Well, we’ve got that answer! No, it’s not green or gold, no it doesn’t have an irish accent, and no it doesn’t want your Lucky Charms™ . To many, this luck-bringer is priceless. You must be wondering what the hell we’re talking about by now, even though the answer is pretty obvious. I mean, you’re at the BACON today blog.

Yes, Bacon is that savory luck-bringer we’re talking about. The perfect thing to make you feel like you’ve got luck on your side. And you know what? Now is always the perfect time to “Get Lucky with Bacon”. With Bacon Freak™’s brand new “Get Lucky with Bacon” apparel, you can wear the blessings of bacon everywhere you go. So get your t-shirt, hoodie, or whatever you prefer and Get lucky with Bacon*.

*This shirt is not quaranteed to help you “Get Lucky”, although good for you if it does 😉

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