General Motors Bankruptcy – Can Bacon Save You?

June 2, 2009 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts


The United States flag is flying high above General Motors headquarters. The stars and stripes are looking bold in front of the quickly falling iconic corporation. We wait with baited breath as our economy balances by a thread and uncertainty abounds.

But wait…upon closer examination we may have found the solution that will cure all our economic woes. We all know that in the last election a vote for Obama was a vote for bacon. Songs about bacon and Obama were written. Michelle Obama’s love of bacon was declared on national television. Yes, you know what one thing can cure the United States economy.


Bacon. Look at that flag from below. Our founding fathers knew we’d be looking up at the flag on windy days. Maybe they encoded a message for future generations so we’d know what to do in times like these. Look up to the heavens my friends. Look toward the skies and see the solution. Bacon.

Any combination of colors could have been chosen when the U.S. flag was created. It is said that the colors of the flag did not have meanings when The Starts and Stripes were adopted in 1777. Maybe, just maybe, stitched within those reds & white strips is a hidden meaning — grow bacon, buy bacon, eat bacon…now that’s the true definition of capitalism.

Oh say can you see my friends. Oh say can you see the bacon?

(AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Dave Chidley)

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