Frozen Banana Dipped In Chocolate And Bacon!

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As so many of you already know, we sincerely value and appreciate our “human to human” personal connections and interactive relationships with our readers. We most definitely LOVE to hear from you when you have a fun, interesting, or just plan funny story or idea to share with the rest of us.

Here’s a really fun and “COOL” (pun intended) bacon  recipe idea that was sent in and shared with us by our long time friend, Shah Brionez of Syracuse, Utah.

Thanks Shah, you rock buddy!

Shah wrote:

“Frozen Banana Dipped In Chocolate And Bacon!

Long time follower, first time poster.

So my Brothers-in-Law (Brandt & Gavin Crawford) had this bright idea

yesterday.  We were dipping frozen bananas in chocolate then rolling

them in nuts and crushes Nilla wafers.  

We thought, why not Bacon!?

Let me say it was actually very good!  That salty from the bacon and

the sweet from the chocolate!

Just wanted to share.

You guys are awesome!  Love your blog.


Shah Brionez

Syracuse, Utah”

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