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April 26, 2009 12:01 am Published by 2 Comments

I love two things about this submission…

1) It’s about a restaurant that encourages you to add bacon to everything, and

2) It was submitted by a BT reader named “Agent N” – awesome!

After following the series of articles that BT Chief Baconographer Corey James wrote during his exploration of the midwest, Agent N had this to say…

“I have never found the equal to a Fred’s burger (Morton’s in Cedarburg, WI comes close). A Fred’s burger ( topped with bacon is simply sublime. Their menu doesn’t even offer a burger SPECIFICALLY with bacon because they encourage you to add bacon to any burger on the menu. I would recommend stopping in… and don’t miss out on a roasted garlic burger with sauteed onions, shrooms and BACON. Additionally, don’t miss out on the fresh cut curly fries… slathered with cheese.”

Agent N is right – while Fred’s doesn’t have a specific bacon burger, they do show a bacon burger on their menu, and it is listed as being available as an add-on for the recession-friendly price of just $0.75.


— Mike

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  • Agent N says:

    I did forget to mention that the description of the broccoli and cheese poppers is deceptive. They used to be loaded with bacon bits, although that was never included in the description (not even on the old menu). Whether this is still true, as I’ve not been to Fred’s in about 2 years, I could not say. But I did appreciate the pork candy surprise back in the day as well as the complete failure to provide a “veggie” or “chicken” burger option.

  • BB says:

    Where is Fred’s located?

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