Frank the Bacon-Loving Cat

March 25, 2009 12:01 am Published by 1 Comment


Meet Frank.

Frank is a cat… a cat who loves bacon.

Frank has lived a long and happy life. He’s largely avoided the standard fish & chicken canned foods and will never reduce himself to that dried stuff that comes in crinkly bags. Frank holds out for the finer things in life. Frank waits for bacon.

Frank lives with a nice, older, single lady named Myrtle. She cooks Frank bacon every night just before bed. Frank likes extra-crispy bacon that he can crunch between his pointed cat teeth. Frank always finishes every last piece of bacon Myrtle prepares for him.

One night, Myrtle forgot to cook Frank bacon. The next day Frank was very sad. Myrtle saw Frank’s sadness and vowed never to forget Frank’s bacon again.

Frank is one happy cat. He’s thinking of starting a web site. Do you think he should?

— Mr. B

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