Fatburger Triple King Challenge Times Two


Six all-beef patties and plenty of bacon. That’s the way to start an amazing meal.

Scott was at it again this week, taking on another daunting food challenge. This time his target was the Fatburger Triple King Challenge — the largest burger offered at the Fatburger chain with triple the burger patties stuffed inside.

Since he had already polished off the Fatburger Triple King before, Scott decided he needed to take it a step further. Being a bacon fan, adding meat candy is a must. Not only did he add the bacon however, he also multiplied the Fatburger Triple King by 2 — making it a six-pattie burger that stood nearly half a foot tall!

You may remember Scott from his recent food challenge at The Counter burger joint. Well, his reputation as a standout competitive eater is growing and he’s up for just about anything. He took this double triple king burger and cleaned up every last bite. In fact, he even saved a piece of bacon to use as a scoop to make sure he got every last morsel of tastey goodness.

Take a look at the image gallery and see for yourself what a $20 hamburger meal is made of. Scott, once again we salute you.

3 thoughts on “Fatburger Triple King Challenge Times Two”

  1. great article. aren’t they supposed to give it away free or perhaps it’s just a nice photo on the wall. anyway, love the photo of that 20 USD receipt.

  2. @babyphat — Fatburger used to give away free t-shirts for conquering the Triple King Burger. Unfortunately, they’ve stopped the practice citing “the economy”. Bummer.


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