Engineering Genius Of The Future -Builds Perfect Airport Landing Strip Of Bacon Today!

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One never knows what might pop up in the imaginative mind of “a clever boy with a connectable toy!”

This amazingly awesome “Lego layout” was submitted to us by a young Bacon Freak who clearly has a very bright future ahead of himself as a combination “Engineer, Art Designer and Gourmet Chef.”

Why is it; that kids can so easily see the most obvious solutions to the world’s problems, which simply never occur to us overly busy adults, running around like “hurried hogs” from one appointment to another without ever taking the time to truly surmise out environment a smell the bacon!

What busy traveler wouldn’t get a major kick out of looking out the window while approaching the next of yet another airport landing, and see a runway designed to resemble a giant piece of delicious bacon.

That’s right folks, were talking an actual “Landing Strip” designed to replicate a “bacon Strip!” Now hoe sizzling hot of an idea is that my friends. You all know that the very first airport to actually take this kid’s advice and build the first “Landing Bacon Strip” will in an instant, become the veritable “Eighth Wonder Of The World.”

Talk about totally tasty topography and delightfully delicious design … this idea is truly is pure, “pork powered,” prodigy prowess and I very strongly recommend that we all take a second to make a permanent, mental snap shot in our minds, of this very moment, so that when that artistically aesthetic airport’s actually assembled, we can all agree that “WE REMEMBER WHEN” … out of the minds of young masters, come the relished masterpieces that live throughout time, as a testament to the Man’s Eternal Quest, where exciting adventures and delicious bacon snap together is precision perfect as a box of giant “Legos.” Yep … “Mamma always said that life is like a Box Of Legos … It’s completely up to YOU to decide what you’re going to get!”

You know what … I think this bright young man is going to get RICH!

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