“Drink First, Pork Later” The Better Bacon T-Shirt

December 12, 2012 2:00 am Published by 2 Comments

Clothing is an essential part of our everyday lives. Mainly because we have to put it on each day before we go out into the world. Well, we’re sure you could walk around naked but you’d probably get arrested. Or have to join a nudist colony. And while walking around naked may be fun to do, seeing other people sans clothing may not. So let’s get back to the clothing.

This leads us to fashion. And we don’t mean the kind of fashion that you find within fleeting trends or in the fashion magazines. We’re talking about fashion that makes a statement and speaks volumes about what you truly love. We know you love bacon. Bacon transcends our taste buds to a level of happiness that can only be described with rainbow hugs and unicorn magic.

Sure, there are plenty of shirts out there proclaiming your love for bacon. But what about bacon and boozey revelry? Bacon tastes delicious with… Well, everything! But it’s especially good with bourbon, whiskey, beer, or a bacon martini. And bacon is all about the party atmosphere and wants to have fun with you too. Which is why new restaurants and lounges create bacon and booze drinks; it’s because they know bacon is seriously cool. Whether it’s a smoking jacket, cigar, and an old fashioned while you relax; a pale-ale at a rowdy sports bar; or a bacon martini at a low-lit, twinkle light encrusted sultry lounge; bacon fits right in. So why not show your bacon love while you sing your heart out to “Bohemian Rhapsody” at Karaoke night? Show up to a party wearing a shirt that announces how you truly feel: Drink First, Pork Later. The bacon graphic in between those two phrases shows your true love for the ultimate meat candy. This apparel says it all. Get your drink on. And then… well… eat your bacon later. Uh… yeah. That’s exactly what we mean. *Wink, wink.

And hey! If apple juice is your thing, that’s cool too. Because you still have to drink it. Therefore the same rule applies. Just settle down ya’ party animal.

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