Drew Carey Loves Bacon

December 5, 2011 3:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It was a glorious day for “The Price is Right” contestant, Michael Hudson; for he won a car instead of an exercise bike. And anyone wearing Bacon Freak’s signature tee would much rather have a new car instead of an exercise bike. Not that exercising is bad, but c’mon. A car is a much better mode of transportation to pick up more bacon from the store. Also, anyone sporting bacon is bound to get good things coming to them. Do we think the shirt helped him win? Of course we do! Did it help that Drew Carey really loved his shirt as well? Of course! Because we all know that bacon makes everything better. Bacon is good luck. If you want your own piece of luck, get your own Bacon is Meat Candy™ tee. And watch the show! Doesn’t Michael look awesome in this tee? We think so.

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