Drawing Pre-Bacon

October 22, 2008 12:01 am Published by 2 Comments

As you can see, I drew a pig! Pre-Bacon is all the rage at the draw a pig website.

Here’s the basic idea. You go to the site. You agree not to draw anything racist or offensive. You agree to draw a picture of a pig. You agree to love bacon. (Okay, I added that last one.)

So you agree to all those things and then you click to draw, sketching out the pig of your dreams. The whole time you’re sketching, of course, you’re dreaming of raising a healthy, strong drawing of a pig that will someday become a healthy, strong drawing of bacon.

Every drawing of a pig has a dream.

After you complete your drawing, the author reviews your masterpiece for anything racist or offensive and then posts it to the gallery. Plus, you get to answer a few questions about your pre-bacon sketch in order to learn about your personality. Apparently, the manner in which you drew the little critter helps to define the person you are. Maybe with this personal insight you’ll gain a better understanding about why you love bacon in the first place.

— Mike

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