Drastically Hot Times Call For Deliciously Hot Sauce – Bacon Hot Sauce That Is!

October 2, 2010 5:00 am Published by 5 Comments

There is an amazingly impressive Bacon Hot Sauce being brewed and bottled over in Mountain View CA that has most definitely caught our attention and earned a place in our heart and our stomach.

Wisely, the geniuses behind this choice “condiment concoction caliente’” took the plain and direct route and simply and simply named this “thermo-tested taste temptation” … well … you guessed it, Bacon Hot Sauce.

Popularly dubbed “The Perfect Condiment,” Bacon Hot Sauce came into existence when 3 friends were sitting around discussing various breakfast options and what would be the ideal enhancement for eggs and potatoes.

“Bacon,” insisted one while another argued “Hot Sauce” and the third said they were both right.  Wouldn’t the world be better if they had bacon-flavored hot sauce?  Thus, Bacon Hot Sauce was born.

However don’t make the mistake of placing Bacon Hot Sauce in the morning Breakfast category and then just abandoning it there. After all, Bacon Hot Sauce pairs delightfully with tacos, wings, burgers, pizza, oysters, burritos, steaks, quesadillas, barbeque, nachos macaroni & cheese, even bacon itself, and the good folks over at Bacon Hot Sauce swear that it’s absolutely delicious on ice cream.

Rather than go the cheap route; like so many other hot sauce companies do, in order to try save a buck here and there, these guys use only real, finely ground Cayenne Pepper and top of the line “New Mexico Chili,” as no other substitute will do!

Bacon Hot Sauce makes the perfect gift for chili heads and “gourmet foodies’ alike and nothing says you truly care like presenting a delicious and versatile feisty, flavor fiesta that instantly spices up the meal with the quintessential essences of scrumptious bacon and scintillatingly spicy hot sauce, all with absolutely zero calories, zero carbs, zero fat and practically no salt at all.

On the official “Bacon Today Sizzle Sensor,” out of a possible 10, Bacon Hot Sauce gets a 9.5 Snout Salute! Learn for yourself exactly why grown men yell “yum, yikes and yahoo” all in one fell snort! Face it …if it’s not “Bacon Hot Sauce,” … then it’s NOT bacon hot sauce!

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