Do You Love Your Dog?

November 17, 2008 12:01 am Published by 2 Comments

If you love your pets, it may be time to give them a wonderful treat.

Imagine if every single thing your dog ate smelled like bacon. How happy would your pooch be if all foods had the scent of meat candy? Well now you can give your canine the ultimate gift — ecoPure’s natural appetite enhancer with “natural Bacon & Cheddar aroma”.

Big thanks to Bacon Today reader Kerry for bringing this product to our attention. Kerry says “My dog is a picky eater and I can’t get her to eat her food some days, so I figured making everything taste like bacon would help. So far it seems to be working.”

You can buy ecoPure’s appetite enhancer on their web site for only $5.99 per 2 oz bottle.

Have you treated your pets with the smell/flavor of bacon? Let us know how much your pet loves bacon.

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