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August 31, 2008 2:30 pm Published by 3 Comments

I was talking with a friend last week about Bacon Today and my love for all things bacon. She thought she would darken my day by telling me about a book called A Day No Pigs Would Die. She said that if I read that book I would never want to eat bacon again. NEVER EAT BACON AGAIN???

I cannot support this book. No Sir.

If you love bacon, DO NOT read A Day No Pigs Would Die.

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  • Mr. B. says:

    Judging by the plethora of 1-star reviews on, I think you’ve made a good choice recommending against this book Mike. Here’s a few choice review headlines:
    “Why make young readers’ lives more miserable than they already are?”
    “Violent and inaccurate – this is one book you should avoid!”
    “Violent, angry, disturbed–and tedious”
    “Possibly the worst book I’ve ever read!”

  • Xavier says:

    That’s insane. Who would write a book like that? Robert Newton Peck? More like Anton Szandor Lavey.

  • Dee says:

    This book got great reviews. I think Mr. B has an issue with counting 112 five star reviews and only 40 one star reviews. Just because the book is violent, angry or disturbing doesn’t mean you should not read it, just take a look at the bible. Also comparing it to something that Anton Lavey wrote is a joke. Pigs get slaughtered all the time along with every animal we consume. Eating bacon isn’t bad, but the manner in which we slaughter the pig is. I doubt reading a book about a boys life is going to make you stop eating bacon.

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