Denny’s Grand Slam Bacon

July 27, 2009 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

grand-slam-fullAn icon of sorts in American restaurant lore, Denny’s has been a fixture for many a late night/early morning breakfast fix. Of course, many of those breakfast outings include bacon and this trip was no exception.

It was a quiet Saturday morning that looked like it would be another hot & sunny California day. A bunch of us were out on a weekend excursion to a local sporting event and decided to divert the trip to Denny’s for a quick breakfast.

Four of us sat down at the table and each of us ordered bacon with our meals. You’ll notice the photo only contains one order of bacon. Two measly slices. Why not snap a picture of all the bacon orders you ask? Well, at a table with 4 bacon lovers the bacon disappears rather quickly. Too quickly for this slow camera man on this occasion in fact.

Well, I successfully guarded my bacon from getting swiped by my hungry table mates and can say that Denny’s bacon is of a moderate quality. It’s tasty, but nothing special. The bacon is prepared well but not to the level of my usual liking. I definitely give Denny’s the benefit of the doubt here though. They prepare such a wide variety of breakfast items and make no claim of any sort regarding their bacon.

For a 24 hour a day bacon fix, Denny’s will always remain a top choice. So says Nick, who enjoyed his Denny’s bacon very much…


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