Cutest Appetizer Ever

January 13, 2010 12:01 am Published by 1 Comment

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, friends, countrymen, members of the academy, lend me your ears…

The award for Cutest Appetizer Ever (with or without bacon) goes to…

BLT Bites!!!

BLT Bites

How awesome is THAT!?

It’s a breadless BLT that’s bite sized and delicious. It takes the delicious bacon found in a BLT, but turns the usually bland BLT taste on its head by totally juicing up the tomato-to-bread ratio. Each glorious bite is a rush of juice, crunch, salt and flavor.

Made by the folks at Black and Gold Chotchkes Blog (as inspired by an app at their wedding), this looks like the perfect crowd-pleasing, conversation-making, bacon-craving-assailing appetizer treat.

Thanks to Paul W. for bringing this to our attention.

— Mr. B

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