CupcakeStop’s Bacon Cupcake

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I have a soft spot for confections and (obviously) bacon. So when you combine the two, my head explodes and I have to write about it.

I’ve mentioned it before, I’m a big fan of Twitter. I’ve been introduced to companies I never would have heard of without it. And one of those companies is CupcakeStop

CupcakeStop opened in 2009 (by owner Lev Ekster) in NYC and this food truck is bascially heaven on wheels. It tools around NY and serves up different varieties of “handmade made from scratch” cupcakes everyday. It also has a cupcake stand sans wheels at the Limelight Marketplace  on 6th and 20th. And it’s there that I tried the French Toast with Bacon Cupcake. Squeeee(al)!

Okay. This cupcake is PERFECTION. I’ve tried other bacon confections and even tried to make one myself but this one takes the cake. (Yes, I also enjoy a good pun in addition to bacon.) The maple french toast flavor is subtle without being overly sweet nor does it overpower and the saltiness of the bacon. And this bacon is GOOD. Chewy, thick and present. It doesn’t tease, it doesn’t overwhelm, it subtly says, “Hi, I’m porky goodness, what’s your name?”

Obviously, as any good bacon reporter is want to do, I had to ask CupcakeStop more questions about their delicacy.

ME: So tell me, how did you come up with a French Toast with Bacon Cupcake? How many recipes did you try before coming up with the final product?

CupcakeStop: Because our baker Chris Mitchell is a true southern boy with an affinity for bacon, he decided to create this flavor. We like to think of it as the perfect breakfast cupcake. We went through approximately 8 different variations before coming up with the final product.

ME: This is truly the best bacon cupcake I’ve tasted. What are the key ingredients in your cupcake? What is the frosting made out of?

CupcakeStop: Thank you! The key ingredient is Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, that is then caramelized with pure maple syrup and vanilla sugar. The frosting is a buttercream infused with cinnamon.

ME: Well the thought and care that you put into this cupcake shows. I’m sure these cupcakes sell quite well.

CupcakeStop: They sell very well. We only make a limited quantity of them so when they do become available, our customers go crazy. However, they are rarely requested for the Bar Mitzvahs we cater.

ME: HA! I’m sure. How often are they on your rotating menu?

CupcakeStop: They appear on the menu approximately two times per month.

ME: Are the bakers at CupcakeStop bacon enthusiasts?

CupcakeStop: The entire staff loves bacon!

ME: I knew you were good people! So I HAVE to ask, anymore bacon cupcakes in CupcakeStop’s future? And if so, when?

CupcakeStop: Absolutely, we just can’t divulge that information yet. All I can say is that we are currently developing new bacon themed flavors.

ME: Yay! Love it! How can someone who doesn’t live in NY or NJ get to sample your French Maple Cupcake with Bacon? Do you take special orders for specific flavored cupcakes?

CupcakeStop: We don’t offer this cupcake for nationwide shipping, yet.

ME: Last question, any expansion plans?

CucakeStop: Yes! We are currently looking into new locations in NYC and a few out of state as well.

You can follow CupcakeStop on Twitter and on Facebook! And as always, enjoy!

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  • Linda W. says:

    Great. Now I’m really hungry and dry Cheerios out of the bag aren’t cutting it. I need a good bacon cupcake recommendation for the Seattle area. Anybody?

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