Crocktoberfest Hits NY To Name America’s Next Crock Star

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Some people still haven’t fully bought into the power and popularity of the raging, trending “Baco-Mania” movement, but there was definitely something very “Bacony” going on in one of the most posh, elegant and luxurious venues in these here United States.

That’s right; behold the world renowned, “Hudson Terrace,” with its magnificent urban vista, known throughout the swanky New York party crowd, regularly “putting on Their Ritz” and getting down with class and style.

Considered an unparalleled entertainment destination, discreetly tucked at the edge of midtown along the Hudson River, this spectacular haven of serene opulence offers one a vast plethora of unforgettable venue amenities. Built up from imported heirloom woods, handcrafted tiles and treasured stone, this venue promises its prominent patrons nothing short of uncompromised artistry.

So what else would people be doing at such an elegant and elite establishment than cooking, competing and chowing-down on a bunch of bacon-based meals, all cooked in the confines of a conventional, ceramic crock-pot.

That’s right …“Happy Crocktoberfest everyone!”

So just what exactly is “Crocktoberfest, you ask?” Well … quite simply it’s a cleverly casual, crock-pot (that’s crock pot, NOT crack-pot) celebration of creative culinary concoctions featuring bacon, sausage, made from bacon, sausage, ham and other pork products held in, of all places, a posh, upscale, NY lounge that is the usual haunt of sophisticated socialites.

So, high up above the aggressively persistent traffic, sitting high on a palatial pinnacle of the elevated skyline of the city that never sleeps, bacon takes the day at this extraordinary rooftop garden lounge, which for the culinary celebration of “Crocktoberfest,” had been completely commandeered by the National Pork Board, Reynolds and Crock-Pot Slow Cookers.

Their agenda: to determine, out of the 500 + total entries, which “pork-tastic” recipe would effectively and officially crown the creative chef that came up with it, the title “America’s Next Crock-Star.”

In her “I Heart Pork” apron, Ms. Shannon Dolan of Villanova, Pa. explains about her personal submission, “Herbes de Provence Sausage, as well as the recipes of the other contestants, that they rules are set up so that each recipe “has to be eight ingredients or less and you have to be able to make it within 30 minutes.”

Chef Hosea Rosenberg, the winner of “Top Chef” Season 5 and the popular actress Candace Cameron Bure were judges in the event which presented a new crock pot, a $5,000 check and 500 pounds of pork to the champion Crock-star’s local food bank.

On a night that proudly featured samplings of “Bacon This” and “Sausage that,” mot to forget to mention “Ham whatever else,” the eventual “Croctoberfest” winner, Ms. Linda Cifuentes, a nurse from Mahomet, IL took the Blue Ribbon with her delicious recipe for “Kapusta Pork.” A very hearty and well earned congratulations to Ms. Cifuentes.

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