Courageous Firefighters Save Bacon Before it Happens

November 23, 2008 12:01 am Published by 2 Comments

Two pigs were heroically saved from certain death in a small UK town. The hogs were enjoying their pre-bacon days playing in the mud when they wandered too close to their farm’s well.

After falling 10 feet into the hole, farm workers had to call local firefighters to aide in the pigs’ rescue. Using large livestock netting and a little ingenuity, the rescue workers pulled the pigs out of harm’s way. In doing so, the firefighters helped bring some lucky diners one day closer to enjoying some top-quality bacon.

Sure, reports stated that the pigs were pets. Yes, they were called by something other than piggie or hog or “soo wee” — their names were Bramley and Bramble to be exact. So, a greater question remains to be answered by the readers of Bacon Today…

Would you eat bacon that used to have a cute name? Mmmmmm…named bacon…

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