Chris P. Bacon

Chris P. Bacon, Wheelchair Pig

Meet the Internet’s latest “bacon” sensation: Chris P. Bacon! The loveable little pig cannot use his hind legs due to a congenital defect he was born with, so he uses a custom-made wheelchair. Chris is full of life and can move and get around fast on the wheels.

Earlier this year, Chris became an Internet sensation after people saw a YouTube video of him in his homemade wheelchair. Chris won the hearts of thousands and has legions of fans from around the world. Chris P. Bacon also has an official Facebook page and a Twitter account. In addition, he has his own website and a line of merchandize. He has literally become an inspiration for people with disabilities, especially children.

Dr. Len Lucero, who is Chris P. Bacon’s owner, took to the piglet when he was brought into his veterinarian office. Chris was just a day old and was severely deformed. In most cases, the piglet would have been put down, but Dr. Lucero said that he knewthere was something special aboutChris the moment he saw him, and could not bring himself to euthanize the pig.

In light of his Internet fame, Chris P. Bacon and Dr. Lucero have appeared on a variety of local and national television shows. Recently, Lucero announced that the young and loveable piglet will have three books about him published by Hay House. The first book is set to be released this fall.


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  1. So glad I found your video’s on the internet! Best medicine against my depression! Knrruthje = Dutch boss of a bunch of cuddly pigs (not on the net due to visual impairment). See you soon!


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