Chocolate Dipped Bacon at the LA County Fair

September 22, 2009 12:01 am Published by 2 Comments


This year’s Los Angeles (LA) County Fair was a riot of food, fun, and festivities. A notable addition to the fair this year was the increasingly-popular chocolate dipped (AKA chocolate covered) bacon.

crowdAs I walked the fairgrounds I noticed no fewer than ten separate booths selling bacon covered in rich milk chocolate. After a day of walking around, seeing the sites, and riding the rides I decided it was time to give this treat a try. All the booths were selling the same variety of bacon and chocolate so I walked to the nearest booth and placed my order.

chocolate-bacon-piecesFor $5.00 I was presented a small paper hot dog holder containing five large strips of bacon covered in rich chocolate. As I took the first bite a stranger walked up to me and asked “is that the chocolate bacon?”. I said “yes, would you like to try a piece.” To my surprise the man was a bacon lover and jumped at the chance for some free bacon.

Icorey-choco-bacon‘ll tell you what I told him though…it tasted great, until you got to the bacon. The stranger took a bite, gave me a funny look, and said “you know, you’re right. It’s great until the bacon.” I’m not sure if the problem was overly-rich chocolate, poor-quality bacon, or a combination of both but this chocolate covered bacon was definitely not a winner.

Save your 5 bucks and go for a ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl.

Smaste™ rating: 18.223

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  • Jono Moore says:

    They were probably using cheap bacon.

    We had a bacon fest a couple of weeks ago and made our own chocolate covered bacon and it was fantastic!

    We didn’t use milk chocolate though. We used a nice dark Belgian chocolate.

  • RhondaW says:

    Hello — went to the Florida State Fair this weekend, and had “chocolate dipt bacon”. The bacon and chocolate were served separately, allowing you to dip the bacon “your way”. The bacon was thick and cooked to a perfect crisp. The chocolate was melted milk chocolate… being the ever skeptic, took a bite, and it was surprisingly good — savory, salty and sweet. The group I was with all gave it a try and a enthusiastic thumbs up. Give it another try — if made right, it’s pretty tasty.

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