Chicken Sausage Stuffed With Provolone and Sage Leaves, Wrapped in Proscuitto, Served in a Baguette

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How’s that for a title? Denise over at the Wasabi Prime blog has a better moniker for her meaty creation — Hautedogs!

As Denise notes on her blog, “’s tough to make a whole sausage wrapped with a bacon-like product look anything less than questionably medical. But believe me, inspiration swirled around the genesis of this creation, so do not let your eyes misjudge the delicious potential of this meal!” Well, we’re not here to judge — we just want to taste amazing bacon foods and this looks like a winner.

The meal consists of chicken sausage, stuffed with provolone and sage leaves which are then wrapped in proscuitto and served in a baguette. Now, some of the purists out there will criticize the use of Italian bacon and may even go so far as to claim it is not really bacon at all. We here at Bacon Today love all the cousins of bacon and celebrate their tastiness whenever possible. Dismounting my soapbox, we continue with Denise’s explanation of her side dish selection:

“The chopped salad was just a paltry attempt at getting a serving of greens to balance out this fancypants indulgence.”

Read her original Hautedog article

Facypants indeed. Tastiness gauranteed. In fact, Denise has created some other bacon-infused meals that you’ll surely want to check out.

Bacon Brownies (a tribute of sorts to our bacon brownies):

Log of Hog Bac-o-cake, with a healthy salad of greens topped with bacon-wrapped scallops (this one must be seen to be believed):

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  • Wasabi Prime says:

    Thank you so much for featuring the Hautedog post — much bacony gratitude to you and the Bacon Today team.

  • Mike says:

    That sausage just looks scary.

  • Ardwulf says:

    Hate to be pedantic, but Prosciutto is not “Italian bacon” – that’d be Pancetta. Prosciutto is a cured ham. It is, however, in the same league of deliciousness as bacon.

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