A Bacon Bust Of Bacon?

Wow … so finally, Kevin Bacon really IS made of bacon! Now, thought the modern-day wonders of the internet and Ebay, you can spend some of your “bacon” to purchase this “dream combo”

Popular Plates Magazine Honors Bacon Freak

Popular Plates magazine just released the new version of their “Comfort Food” Edition and to nobody’s surprise at all, the good folks over at Bacon Freak were proudly spotlighted for a scrumptiously sizzling and deliriously delicious feature of Gourmet Chef, Rick Bayless’s “Bacon Avocado Mango Salad” in their popular, pork powered “Bacon Freak Cookbook!”

The Bacon Scarf: A Warm, Delicious Way to Accessorize

With fall and winter on the horizon, bacon lovers everywhere are pulling out their cool-weather gear and bracing for the next few months. But what to wear when bacon is on the brain? Why, a bacon scarf, of course! California artist Christine Chun may have the perfect design for men and women who love fine wool scarves, bacon or even just beautiful clothing.


With Halloween just around a month-long corner, it's time to start laying the foundation for your bacon-themed Halloween costumes. That means seeing what's out there, what's already been done, what's available off the shelf, and what missteps to avoid. After all, you don't want to simultaneously ruin Halloween and bacon, thus bringing disgrace to sweet and savory in one fell swoop, now do you?

The Top Ten Bacon Recipes Of The Year

This has most definitely been a phenomenal year thus far for not only delicious, but truly and unusually creative and interesting Bacon recipes that really show a flair for unusual or at least … unexpected flavor combinations.