Press – What People are Saying about Bacon Today

woman making listening motion with her arm in front of the words "what's shakin' bacon"

For press inquires and interview requests, please email . Bacon Today has been featured on: News Quotes and Mentions “Each milkshake has a full tablespoon of liquid gold AKA delicious bacon fat. Recipe here.” – Christine Byrne “We all know bacon may have jumped the shark, and we’re constantly trying to ignore the fact that … Read more

Bacon & Camping, better together!

cooking bacon over a campfire

Winter camping is not for the faint of hear, but at least there’s bacon! And while both bacon & camping are each awesome on their own, they are actually better together. We’ve gathered some cooking tips for winter warriors who brave the elements and find themselves hungry for real food. Anyone who’s camped before knows … Read more

VooDoo Blackened Louisiana Shrimp

Just a little bit of VooDoo goes a long way. Case in point is this delicious recipe for VooDoo Blackened Louisiana Shrimp. Of course we are referring to Bacon Freak’s VooDoo Louisiana Blackened bacon we use to create VooDoo Shrimp, not the pop-culture version of the Afro-Caribbean religion Voudon which originated in Haiti. How little … Read more

Bacon Pot Stickers

pan fried bacon pot stickers

National Bacon  Lover’s Day is August 20! This seems like a great time to try out a new recipe featuring the star of the holiday, bacon. And we’re going in what might seem an unusual direction for a recipe featuring bacon. Well, not such an unusual direction if you consider that China is one of … Read more

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

TurBACONducken for all! It’s that time of year when the weather turns chilly and our hearts get warmer as we spend time thinking of others and gathering with loved ones. Time to bake and cook and warm the hearth. But how to prepare a fantastic feast and still have time to spend with the ones … Read more

Chocolate covered What?

chocolate bacon caramels

Could even BACON be better with Chocolate? Bacon, meet Chocolate …. If two wrongs don’t make a right then we can assume that two rights won’t make it wrong. The two “rights” in this case are bacon and chocolate, both decadently delightful. We took some some superior bacon to our neighborhood artisan bakery “disgustingly delicious” and … Read more