I Am The Bacon Man

I don’t want to like this. I really don’t. It just loops over & over, the lyrics are bad, and it sounds like something that would play out of an old Nintendo. But then I find myself singing along. Sing it with me now… I am the bacon man. Bring all the pork I can. … Read more

Addicted to Bacon Rap Song

Are you ATB? That’s Addicted To Bacon for you folks not in the know. Chuck is ATB, and he proves that very fact with lyrics like “when I’m really down, bacon’s always got my back”. Watch the video and let yourself slide into the bacony groove. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXxFbp5rY_o Preach on Chuck…preach on. Check out New Folder … Read more

Mmmm Bacon Country Song

Original article contributed by Will Mueller httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_KSiTq4AoY Junior Redwood is a country musician who released his first album “Broken Cowboy” in January 2010.  The album consists of songs revisiting a year spent in hardship after a heartbreaking divorce from his wife Louanne and the loss of custody of his son Junior Redwood Jr. While Junior … Read more

A Meaty Baconland

Bacon Today got an early Christmas present – a brand new Sing ”n’ Sizzle. Kristen and Jenny, our fabulous bacon song parody writers, have  come out of a long bacon break with a brand new parody – this time of the holiday classic “Winter Wonderland”. Plus, as an added bonus, BT has unearthed the best-ever … Read more

Eminem Bacon Song Parody Lyrics

You may remember a couple days ago we release the awesome Eminem bacon song parody from our resident bacon song pariodists Kristen & Jen. Well, today we bring you the lyrics so you can sing along as you listen to the MP3. Enjoy! [Intro] Two trailer park pigs are ’bout to get fried; ’bout to … Read more

Eminem Meets Bacon – Free MP3 Song

Every so often we get an email devoid of detail but containing something so fantastic we just have to share. Today was one of those days. Kristen & Jenny are at it again with their song parodies. This time, however, things are different. Not only is this parody lyrically great, but it’s also well produced … Read more

Go Ahead With Your Own Fork and Leave Mine Alone

I am a lifelong Billy Joel fan. In one form or another I own every album he’s ever released and in most cases, I have several copies.  CDs… LPs… Cassettes… 8-Tracks… You name it. In fact, I just saw Billy perform at the Pond with Elton John last Saturday night and I had AWESOME seats! … Read more

Bacon Fat Song – Sir Douglas Quintet

Ladies and gentleman, its time to get with it, get hip to it, and just plain get down. Put on your dancing shoes and fire up the griddle. Its time to do the new dance called the Bacon Fat! Fast forward to 2:14 to hear the “B”acon side of the record. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HJuks3XpjA Photo credit: http://flickr.com/photos/twcollins/359587468/

What I Like About Pork

We love Kristen and Jenny. They continue to be extremely creative with their contributions, and we think their songs are awesome. Here they are again with a parody of the Romantics’ 1979 rock anthem “What I like About You”. Today we’re adding a new feature – play the video and sing along at home! — … Read more

Thank God For Bacon

This classic was originally released in 2004. Kudos to Todd Winkler and Andrew King for recording this original song and Terri Pike for the nifty animation. See more at: http://www.indigo.org