Happy International Bacon Day!

The Saturday before Labor Day is a day designated as the annual International Bacon Day. There are bacon parties, bacon tastings and some bacon lovers achieve incorporating bacon into every meal of the day. If you are looking to fulfill that goal this bacon blog is a great place to find all sorts of recipes …

chocolate bacon caramels

Chocolate covered What?

Could even BACON be better with Chocolate? Bacon, meet Chocolate …. If two wrongs don’t make a right then we can assume that two rights won’t make it wrong. The two “rights” in this case are bacon and chocolate, both decadently delightful. We took some some superior bacon to our neighborhood artisan bakery “disgustingly delicious” and …

Bacon Chocolate Peeps

These Bacon Chocolate Peeps may sound overwhelming, but they're more delicious than you could imagine.


Bacon Gingerbread Sponge Cakes

These airy Bacon Gingerbread Sponge Cakes are filled with smoke, maple, and ginger flavors that will have you wishing the holiday season will never end.