Wendy’s Applewood Smoked Bacon Deluxe

One of the nice things about writing for the world’s best bacon news site is that people occasionally send us free stuff. Find the Nearest Wendy’s to Me Are you already itching to get to the burger joint before even reading our review? If you’re yelling “fin the nearest Wedny’s to me” at your Siri, … Read more

Fatburger Triple King Challenge Times Two

Six all-beef patties and plenty of bacon. That’s the way to start an amazing meal. Scott was at it again this week, taking on another daunting food challenge. This time his target was the Fatburger Triple King Challenge — the largest burger offered at the Fatburger chain with triple the burger patties stuffed inside. Since … Read more

The Rustic Roost in Iron River, WI

Family eating in restaurant

Bacon is alive and well in the northwoods of Wisconsin. No place is that truer than at the Rustic Roost restaurant & lounge in Iron River, WI on U.S. Highway 2. From the outside, the Rustic Roost is a modest looking establishment. Its kind of a combination restaurant, bar, motel, and mini golf course and … Read more