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The food truck trend is just as hot as the bacon trend. New food trucks are popping up everywhere, and food truck events, where many trucks gather in one location, are becoming popular in urban centers. Unlike the bacon trend, there is a downside to the food truck trend: some trucks are disappearing almost as quickly as they appear. But several well-known trucks (and some not-so-well-known) are proof that bacon and food trucks haven’t nearly jumped the shark yet. Here’s a list of the best bacon food trucks and trailers still in operation. Check back later for a “Top 10 BBQ & Pork Food Trucks” post. Are you lucky enough to have one of these baconcentric trucks in your neighborhood?

Bacon Bacon – San Francisco

Bacon Bacon has had its share of difficulties lately. In 2012 their truck caught on fire, and complaints from suspected vegetarian neighbors are threatening to temporarily shut down their cafe location. Fan support has been strong, and this popular truck serves up a bounty of bacon items like the grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and bacon jam and the Triple B Taco with pork butt, pork belly and bacon. Even the fries have pork belly trimmings!

the LGBT from bacon bacon

Bacon MANia – NorCal and SoCal

Another California favorite, Bacon Mania has two trucks, one serving the Sacramento area, and another that visits Orange County. BaconMANia describes its food as “unabashedly American, unapologetic man-food.” Dishes include Mac’N Bac’N French Fries, All-American Sliders made with 50% ground bacon, and the “PB & J,” which is wrapped in Applewood Smoked Bacon and deep-fried.

bacon mania fries

The Bacon Trolley – St. Paul, MN

Serving up Modern American Street Food with a pork-based menu, the Bacon Trolley can be found on the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota. Their signature sandwich is called “The Spanker,” a BBQ pork sandwich topped with strips of bacon. For the more adventurous, there’s “The Elvis,” a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich.

bacon trolley menu

Pig on the Street – Vancouver BC

Our neighbors to the north can enjoy the offerings of “Pig on the Street.” Catch them on an upcoming episode of the Cooking Channel’s “Eat St.” on June 3rd. Their bacon-topped soups come with a bacon-cheese stir stick, and their signature sandwich, “The Porker,” has double-smoked bacon, sausage and bacon stuffing, gouda, greens, apple and cider chutney.

pig on the street

The Bacon Lover’s Truck – Addison, TX

This Kickstarter success story is also known as the “B.L.T.” This relatively new truck serves a variety of sandwiches where “bacon is the star.” The Morning After breakfast sandwich is served on a homemade honey butter biscuit and has maple bacon, scrambled eggs and fried potatoes. The Caprese has grilled beefsteak tomatoes, locally-made mozzarella, basil pesto and applewood smoked bacon.

bacon lovers truck

The Caveman Truck – Indianapolis, IN

Emblazoned with their “Bacon > Gluten” logo and a picture that is reminiscent of Captain Caveman (if you’re under 30, Google it), this truck is the first to adhere to the Paleo diet. Its menu is bacon-heavy and includes menu items such as bacon hash and bacon chili.


Trailer Park Truck – Los Angeles

Bacon is featured in almost every menu item at this food truck. Try Big Dave’s Mac and Bacon Melt, mac and cheese and bacon grilled between white bread, the Blue Ribbon Frito Pie which is topped with bacon crumbles, or their bacon-topped Shotgun Shells and Cheese.


Lard Have Mercy – Austin, TX

Almost everything is deep-fried on this bacon-centric menu. Offerings include Miss Piggy’s Nachos—bacon-flavored tortilla chips , jalapeno cheese and crumbled bacon, and Porky’s Revenge, chicken-fried bacon.

trailer lard have mercy miss piggy's

Pig Vicious – Austin, TX

This food trailer’s motto is “Bacon in the morning, bacon in the evening, and bacon late at night.” Dishes include a bacon and fried egg breakfast sandwich with bacon aioli, deep-fried bacon-wrapped pickles, and a bacon shake with almonds and maple syrup.

pig vicious

Honorable Mention:

Maximus/Minimus – Seattle, WA

The Seattle favorite “Maximus/Minimus” serves pulled pork sandwiches in a truck that is in the shape of a pig. Note the custom license plate: “SOMEPIG.” Oink oink!


Got a hankerin’ for the food truck love, but none of these trucks are in your area? Check Roaming Hunger to find a food truck in your ‘hood.

These trucks are on hiatus or in the process of opening, but check their websites for updates on their availability.

Unforsaconbacon – Dallas, TX
The Bacon Truck – Hoboken, NJ
Bacon Wagon – Fort Worth, TX
Makin’ Bacon – Indianopolis, IN

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