Butterscotch & Bourbon Ice Cream With Bacon & Butter Toffee Chips.

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As you know, we here at “Bacon Today” pride ourselves on consistent ability to always be 3 or 4 steps ahead of the game when it comes to everything worthy of being known in the wonderful world of bacon.

Clearly one of our huge advantages in being able to stay well ahead of the game is the very positive, close-knit relationship that we have with out loyal, long time readers and friends.

Here’s a perfect example of that personal “heads up” connection that keeps us on the cutting edge whenever anything of note is about to, or has just taken place, anywhere on the planet, that involves gourmet bacon.

Here’s an important communiqué’ that just came into us from our good friend “Doctor Atomic” regarding his latest and possibly greatest creative, culinary concoction from his esoterically eclectic laboratory deep within his mysterious, secret lair.

This is the good Doctor’s story, as expressed in his very own words:

“I make ice cream at home and a friend requested a Bourbon and Bacon flavor from me. After thinking about it for awhile what I came up with was Butterscotch and Bourbon Ice Cream with Bacon and Butter Toffee chips.

I started by making a reduction of Markers Mark Bourbon and Butterscotch. I’ve tried baking Bacon before, but I find that good old fashioned frying in a pan gives the best result.

The rest was normal fair ice cream base, eggs, milk, cream and sugar, all organic. I do heat my base to make a custard. Once I had incorporated the syrup and base I put them in the fridge to cool over night, as well as the now fried and chopped bacon.

The Toffee chips went into the freezer. The next day the mixture went into the ice cream maker. The bits were added near the end. With the Bourbon I wanted to give the ice cream a good amount of time to set so it was placed into the freezer overnight.

The next day we enjoyed the result! The flavors came out in layers. The first thing you taste is the slight bite of the Bourbon followed by the sweet of the Butterscotch. The chewy Bacon then jumps to the front with it’s smoky and saltiness followed closely by the crunchy sweet of the toffee.”

Doctor Atomic – Keeping the world safe for Ice Cream

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