Bush’s Best Maple Cured Bacon Baked Beans

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This one’s an oldie but a goodie. (That might be a trademarked saying, but as of the writing of this article, I believe it to be in the public domain of the English lexicon, so damn the law.)


I’ve been eating Bush’s baked beans for years.I love the tasty bacon, the thick syrup and the pretty purple lid.


Today we review Bush’s Best Maple Cured Bacon Baked Beans. 98% fat free, Under $2/can and always high in fiber, these beans make the perfect companion dish to any meat entree.






More beans.

After all, in the can’s own words, “Bush’s Baked Beans are slow cooked, using only the finest ingredients and the greatest of care, so that you can taste our secret family recipe in every bean.”

In every bean.

That’s the the kind of quality I can really get behind.

Smaste™ Rating: 33.632

— Mike

P.S. – They weren’t kidding about being able to taste the secret family recipe in every bite. I tasted it, and I know exactly what it is…

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