Boss Hogs Bacon Chocolate Peanut Clumps

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This is a recipe that Boss Hog’s Great, Great Grandmother passed down through the generations and it always puts a big smile on Boss Hog’s face when one of the boys or gals out in the “Pig Pen” whip up a batch to surprise the Boss with.

If ever you have stopped to ask yourself the increasingly popular question, “Got Milk,” when serving up these Bacon Chocolate Peanut Clumps is a perfect time for the answer to that question to be “YES … Most definitely!

They also go phenomenally with a nice, hot cup of gourmet coffee. We highly and strongly recommend both beverages be served together with these babies. Try it once and we are sure that you will agree.

(Serves 1 Boss Hog or 8 regular people)


8 strips Boss Hog Hickory Smoked – Maple Bacon

16 ounces semisweet chocolate chips

1 cup unsalted peanuts

1 pot gourmet specialty coffee

1 gallon of cold, fresh milk to be served in frosted glasses.


First, cook the bacon to a state on moderate crispiness in a large skillet over medium heat, being sure to ensure consistency of the bacon by turning it over several times during the cooking process, until well browned, approximately 8 minutes.

Place the cooked bacon on a plate between a couple of paper towels and dab / pat to remove the excess bacon grease.

Chop up the bacon quite “finely” into very small “tid-bits” of ultimate joy.

Warning: at this point in the process, you will feel a very strong inclination to simply forget all about the clumps and simply eat all of the bacon by itself. Try to avoid doing this, as the clumps really are quite amazingly delicious! You simply have to exhibit the ultimate “will power” to move forward in the process and experience them for yourself. You truly won’t be disappointed!

Now line a large baking sheet with some aluminum foil, shiny side “up!”

Melt your chocolate by putting the chocolate chips into a double boiler or by placing them into a medium sized, metal mixing bowl which is then [placed over a small to medium sized pan of water.

Let the boiling of the water begin.

Once the water begins to boil in either vessel, begin to stir the chocolate continuously to ensure a smooth, creamy and unburned consistency.

Now stir in the bacon bits and the peanuts.

Then pour the “globs” of “baco-choco- peano-osity “onto the prepared baking sheet, spread to approximately ½ an inch thickness.

Now simply place the baking sheet into the refrigerator and allow it to cool for 1 hour.

When the chocolate in fully hard and breakable, you will know it is done and ready to eat.

Place you’re the cooled, clumpy concoction on a cutting board and cut it into bite sized pieces and then serve at room temperature with an icy glass of fresh milk and a hot cup of gourmet, specialty blend coffee.


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