Bloody Bacon & Cheese? Yes, Please

The fancy video for a horrible-sounding bacon cocktail wasn’t the first production we saw with Alie and Georgia, the fetching California ladies who rope in viewers with goofball humor and impossibly bad drinks. No, the first one was the video for the Ham Daiquiri, a “cocktail” blending ham, rum and other things into “a violent storm…of pig meat and fruit.”

Haven’t seen that Ham Daiquiri piece? Yeah. Just try not to watch.

But if you’re wondering what any of this has to do with pork bellies, look no further than another Alie and Georgia creation, the Bloody Bacon and Cheese. This video tells the story, so we won’t try to break down the mixology, the set design or any other nonsense. Just watch and tell us you’re not a fan of using crumbled bacon on the rim of a cocktail glass. We think it works! (Can anything garnish a glass or a plate like bacon?)

By the way, if you like the sound of all these meat-friendly cocktails, Alie and Georgia have launched a new web series, Drinks with Alie & Georgia. Tune in to see if bacon turns up in any other drinks. We know we’ll be watching.

3 thoughts on “Bloody Bacon & Cheese? Yes, Please”

  1. These 2 women remind me of the 50’s when women were stuck in suburbia. They had a certain style and drank a lot.

    But if they come up with cocktails that include bacon, it can’t be so bad.


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