BK Stacker Bacon Burger at Burger King

August 3, 2009 12:01 am Published by 3 Comments

We decided to give Burger King another shot. After the bacon fail at Burger King a few months back we took a break from the capital of “Have it Your Way”. Some buddies wanted to make a fast food run and we wound up at Burger King where I spied the BK Stacker on the glossy overhead menu. It looked so tasty & juicy I had to give it a try.


The burger arrived in a specifically-labeled wrapper. Nice touch BK! On the wrapper it reads:

You might be looking at this BK Stacker saying, “It’s piled so high with meat, cheese and bacon, I want to climb it.” Don’t. Just eat it.

While kind of humorous, once we opened the wrapper we quickly learned that this was a bit of an overstatement.


The pile was not nearly high enough to warrant any oohs or aahs, let alone make us want to climb it. There was enough bacon peeking out of the sandwich to make us want to continue though, so continue we did.

If you’ve been reading Bacon Today for a while, you know that the proper way to test any bacon-enriched food is first — before anything else — to tear off a piece of plain, unbridled bacon and test the quality of the porcine ingredient. We did just that with the BK Stacker burger and give the Burger King bacon a “fair to middlin” (that’s mediocre for you folks not from the mid-west portion of the United States).


From a presentation standpoint, the burger lacked any “food sexy” for sure. From a tastiness standpoint, well we give this burger a Smaste™ rating of 26.687. Good for a quick bacon jolt when you need it, but not recommended for a true bacon connoisseur.

Why is it that the non-Whopper burgers taste so much different than the genuine Whoppers at Burger King anyhow? Any former Burger King patty slingers out there that can shed some light on this phenomenon?

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  • Burger King bacon is still a contradiction in terms. When the need for a Whopper arises (and yeah, they do taste different than the “lesser” burgers at BK … no idea why) I prefer it with onion and heavy mayo. That’s it. No cheese, no “BaKon”, and good gravy, no lettuce.

    Life’s simply too short to go otherwise.

    When in need of a good bacon burger, I sneak a few slices of wonderfully crispy apple wood smoked goodness into In-N-Out and get a Double Double “animal style” with no lettuce, no pickle, no mustard, adding my own bacon. THAT’S a burger. Of course, you must be reasonably near an In-N-Out to accomplish this.

  • Jason says:

    lol you should have had the bk stacker QUAD thats the tall one

  • burgerkingler says:

    the burgers taste different because the woppers are flame grilled and the others arent

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