Bikes & Bacon – Waterproofing Your Gear

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Two things I love are bikes and bacon. Bikes in this case are the motorcycle variety. Imagine my delight when I received and email from a Bacon Today fan that combined both worlds in one simple way. The following is an excerpt from the email from Steve B.

“One of motorcycling’s most famous long-distance riders, Brian Roberts of Fernley, Nevada, is a member of the Iron Butt Association ( and his input about surviving some of the worst riding weather imaginable is always respected.

Leather is not the chosen riding apparel for these hard-core bikers, especially in wet weather, but rather textile riding suits. And when it comes time to waterproof these, everyone has their own favorite technique. Recently, Mr. Roberts revealed his: bacon grease.

Since I heed Mr. Roberts’ advice about pretty much anything motorcycle, I decided to give it a try with our leftover jars of bacon drippings and slathered it on. It worked! I may try a little less next time, though, after developing a following of neighborhood canines. It may not be the best method to use in bear country, either.”

That’s right my bacon-loving friends, bacon grease can help keep you dry when mother nature throws her worst your way. So if you ride a motorcycle start saving those bacon drippings. They could just save your life.

Now, before you go running off and rubbing bacon grease all over your new clothes, its only fair to mention that Steve’s portion of the tale is a work of fiction…and Brian Roberts’ may be as well. That surely won’t stop us from hopping on our motorcycles in search of great bacon though. Zoom!

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