Bigs Sizzlin’ Bacon Sunflower Seeds

October 6, 2009 12:01 am Published by 3 Comments

Someone tore a page out of a magazine that I think is called Geek Monthly and handed it to me. At the top of the page was an article about a new flavor of Bigs Sunflower seeds that’s flavored with Bacon Salt.

Oh yum!


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  • Christopher B. says:

    Going through a bag now bought from my local 7-11. I was a bit dissapointed. The seeds didnt really taste much like bacon, it had more of a BBQ flavor. Still good, but not very bacony

  • Dave says:

    I bought a pack about a month ago and thought it was sure to be great. It was way too salty bbq like the previous commentor noted with a hint of bacon. It really wasn’t all I hoped it would be. Also the flavoring wasn’t evenly dispersed so some seeds had to much while others had to little. Good concept but needs work.
    Now if only they’d come out with bacon potato chips like they have in the UK we’d be all set. I tried a pack of Walkers Crisps smoky bacon and it was pretty good. Coincidentally Walkers is owned by Frito Lays.

  • Eric Opp says:

    I Love Them!!!


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