Better Homes Gardens Stops By With Some Great Holiday Recipe News!

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For those of you out there, still trying to gauge exactly how HUGE today’s swelling trend of “Baco-Mania” has gotten, let this help you get a clearer picture of exactly how big and important bacon, at least “Gourmet Bacon”  has become in our society over the past few years.

Today our good friends over at “Better Homes & Gardens” dropped by to let us know that their new Holiday Menu Suggestions and Holiday Recipes have now officially been posted, so that we can pass the news on to all of you deeply dedicated “Baconistas” or as “B.H.G.” likes to refer to you as, “Baconites,” which is a pretty clever and cool term that I think I’m going to help them spread around the Bacon World as a proud and popular “Badge of Baconism” around the globe.

They also had some nice things to say about our featured recipes, which was very cool of them to take the time to mention … but that’s just the point, isn’t it? Bacon, at least the truly good, premium quality stuff, is now so popular throughout every single strata and niche of our Western Culture, that long standing, traditionalist periodicals that probably wouldn’t have thought to come by and visit even 5 years ago, are stopping by to be quite genuinely friendly and we truly do value and appreciate “B.H.G.s” for being so cool and neighborly!

Truthfully, I believe that this says as much about how much cooler, open minded and universally expanded the new “visionaries” over at “Better Homes & Garden’s” are, in comparison to many of their stodgier, more traditionally set in their “olds days ways,” competitors.

So really I want to offer up a big, sincere “10 Snout Salute” to the very awesome people over at “B.H.G.’s” and recommend that all of you go check out some of their awesome new features, including a LOT of great “Holiday Recipes!”

YES, of course some of these menu items do include the all important bacon and / or pork and others can simply and easily have some delicious bacon added or substituted in for some other less glorious and “Hog Heavenly” protein!

I highly recommend that you go check out the new, delicious menu items featured over at our new, official “Bacon Friendly” buddies website and be sure to get back to us and tell us what you think! As always, were looking forward to hearing your thoughts and sharing this whole “Bacony” experience with our “Baconite” Brethren and Sistren!

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