The Best Bacon of the Month Clubs


The Best Bacon of the Month Clubs

What’s that you say? A “Bacon of the Month club”? Yes, it’s true. Bacon’s popularity has resulted in the possibility of bacon being conveniently delivered to your door each month. A Bacon of the Month Club is not only an easy way to get your bacon, it’s also an ideal way to try new and different varieties of bacon and to expand your “baconary” horizons. With so many Bacon of the Month clubs available, it can be hard to choose just one. Here’s a list of the best Bacon of the Month clubs.

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bacn club describes itself as “bacon for the purist who simply loves quality bacon.” With a motto of “Obey the Meat,” promises no fancy names and a brand that is plain and simple. They believe in bringing you the best bacon that you will ever taste, and quality bacon that does not compare to grocery store bacon. Their Bacon of the Month Club is available in nitrate-free and no-pepper versions. A 3-month subscription is $139.95 and including shipping, a Bac’n Logo t-shirt, and 2 packs of bacon. Varieties include hickory-smoked, applewood-smoked, and mesquite. Bacon of the Month Club – Take 25% off During This Holiday Season!

bimc club

With a name like Bacon Freak™, you know it’s going to be good… has the most varieties of bacon and the widest choice and variety of Bacon of the Month Clubs. They carry 3 dozen different varieties of bacon, available in 6 different clubs. Their clubs are ideal for the bacon fan who likes trying many different types of bacon. Flavors include traditional favorites like hickory, pepper, Maplewood and BBQ to more unusual flavors like sun-dried tomato and garlic. They even offer sweet flavors like Apple Cinnamon and Maple and spicy flavors like chipotle and jalapeno. A 3-month subscription starts at $145.95 and include a Bacon is Meat Candy™ t-shirt, shipping and 2 packs of bacon. Bacon of the Month Club

gfc bacon club

Gourmet Food Clubs promises only the best gourmet bacon, delivered to your door without having to visit the butcher shop. Their dry-cured bacon won’t shrink or splatter like grocery store bacon. Available in a wide variety of flavors, members of this Bacon of the Month Club will receive 2 packs of bacon each month for $146 including shipping.

Amazing Clubs Bacon of the Month Club

The Bacon of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs is a gourmet gift that’s impossible to resist! Each month includes delivery of two generous, one-pound selections of gourmet bacons made with only the finest, all-natural ingredients and delivered perfectly fresh in refrigerated packaging. Amazing Clubs boasts low-production, thick-cut, artisan bacons from specialty producers nationwide. A 3-month subscription is $149.85.

Pig of the Month Club


Oink oink! With Pig of the Month‘s Bacon of the Month Club, you get 2 packs of one type of bacon each month. Flavors vary from month to month, and varieties include Summer Herb, Jamaican Jerk, Vanilla Bourbon and Apple Pie. $179.95 includes delivery. Pig of the Month promises quality, gourmet bacon.

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