Best Bacon Dishes in New York City

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Best Bacon Dishes in New York City

Sometimes you just gotta get your bacon on. The salty crunchiness is irresistible; the smell mouthwatering. However, not all bacon dishes are created equal. Some restaurants and chefs make it their mission to have the most decadent bacon dishes around. If you want the best bacon bites in New York City, you’ve come to the right town. Here’s a list of the best bacon dishes in the Big Apple:

Peter Lugar Steak House

Peter Lugar Steak House is a starred and recommended restaurant by the prestigious Michelin restaurant guide. You might be wondering what a trusted tire brand has to do with restaurants, but Michelin has a long history associated with some of the best restaurants in the world. However, it wasn’t until 2005 that the Michelin restaurant guide was expanded to the United States, though it dates all the way back to 1939 in France. Michelin uses a three star system, one for good, two for excellent, and three stars for exquisite. If Michelin has recommended a restaurant based on its bacon dish, like they have Peter Lugar Steak House, then you know it’s worth a trip.

Bar Bacon

Bar Bacon is located in Hell’s Kitchen, which makes a strange kind of sense for a restaurant that has everything from bacon tastings to a bacon bahn mi and even a bacon lobster roll set with hunks of bacon in it. Specials range from $8 to $16, and dinners are mostly priced around the $15 mark, give or take. The restaurant also has a fine beer selection to counteract that savory bacon dishes on the menu.

The Wayland

The Wayland may be known for its cocktails, but the restaurant also takes a traditionally simple sandwich and gives it a (more) bacon-y twist. This BLT may sound like nothing new, until you hear that it comes with double-smoked pork belly in the middle, which is a nice way to describe massive, thick bacon. This pork belly is slow cooked in apple cider, bourbon and maple syrup before it’s slid between some country bread with all the traditional ingredients of a BLT.

Crif Dogs

Nothing makes dreams come true more than a bacon-wrapped hot dog, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Crif Dogs. Though, rest assured, the business does offer a variety of other specialty hot dogs. However, the best for bacon lovers is the spicy, chilly-slaw covered dog, or the one that blends the savory of bacon and teriyaki with the sweetness of pineapple. Crif Dogs are inexpensive if you lay off the extras, but you can load your dog up with so many exotic condiments that you could potentially push it near the $10 mark.


Snowday may be a food cart that moves around the city, but it makes the best bacon and maple Brussels sprouts around. Maybe the only, too. While the Brussels sprouts only use the bacon to enhance the flavor, they’re still certainly worth a try. A good complement for this dish is the grilled cheese, which sets offsets the healthy Brussels sprouts in a more complete way.

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