Best Bacon Dishes in Los Angeles

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Best Bacon Dishes in Los Angeles

Best Bacon Dishes in Los Angeles

Crispy, salty and smoky: the mere image of bacon is enough to induce salivation and cravings for the tasty pork treat that defies your taste buds. Whether topped on hamburgers, dipped in maple syrup or sprinkled on salads, you love bacon. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the average American eats nearly 18 pounds of it every year.

But Bacon passion extends beyond the kitchen and into technology. There are bacon-themed apps you can download, such as Wake Up & Smell the Bacon, which rouses sleepers with the smell of crackling bacon, and Sizzl, which is a dating app for bacon lovers.

Bacon has inspired everything from food blogs to cross-country road trips in search of the perfect bacon dish. If you’re traveling to Los Angeles, which has a variety of multicultural dining influences, it is home to some of the best bacon meals in the country. Use your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s 16-megapixel camera to share mouthwatering photos on Instagram and its GPS capabilities to find the seven bacon-worthy restaurants below:

Maple Bacon Donut at Nickel Diner

This sweet and salty beauty is what the restaurant calls its “morning celebrity,” and Foursquare users agree. Notching the top spot on Foursquare’s 2016 list of best places in LA to get bacon, Nickel Diner’s Foursquare fans swear by this round confection.

maple bacon donut nickel diner

Bacon Quesadilla at Grub

It’s OK to do crack at Grub, as the restaurant’s self-proclaimed “legal high” comes in the form of a savory, sweet and spicy bacon dish. It is covered in gooey cheddar cheese, wrapped with roasted onions and covered in an apple pear drizzle in a spinach tortilla. It has received raves on TripAdvisor because it is highly addictive.

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp at Más Malo

Bacon plus shrimp plus tortillas equals paradise, according to The Huffington Post, which named the Ensenada-style bacon-wrapped shrimp one of its top bacon picks. Habanero, cream, shallots and lemon juice add to the dish, which you can eat taco-style or in a burrito.

Bacon and Eggs Pizza at Pizzeria Mozza

Bacon and eggs finds new meaning at Pizzeria Mozza, which pairs the classic combo with Yukon gold potatoes and Bermuda onions on one of its most popular pies. CBS Los Angeles calls it one of the best spots in LA to satiate your bacon craving. The pizzeria also has several other bacon pizza options as well as a bacon side you can add to any dish.

Duck and Bacon Sausage at Wurstküche

Worlds collide as bacon meets duck at Wurstküche, a German restaurant featuring exotic flair. Foursquare fans call the meal a must-have, as the flavors combine to create a match made in heaven.

Bacon Chocolate Bar With Salt and Pepper Ice Cream at Animal

Yelp users call this dessert “ridiculous,” as in ridiculously good. The innovative dish blends mouthwatering bacon with hazelnuts, crispy wafers and chocolate. The cool cream pairs wonderfully with the spicy pepper, making it a dessert to savor.


Photo credit: Frisee Waltz

Bacon Bacon Mac at Beer Belly

You know there’s going to be bacon in every bite when it’s mentioned twice in the dish, and the Bacon Bacon Mac doesn’t disappoint. Beer Belly takes ingredient creation to a new level with its housemade bacon cheese whiz, which is paired with Tillamook cheddar, Swiss cheese, bacon bits and a bacon weave to make it beautifully delicious. Pair it with some bacon fat fries, which Yelp users say has “everything about bacon that you love,” including bacon fat, fried bacon bits, arugula, chili morita and maple vinegar dip. Now you’ve achieved bacon nirvana.


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