Best Bacon Breakfast Burrito EVER

July 2, 2009 12:01 am Published by 4 Comments

Today was a special day. Today I had the humbling experience of being introduced to the greatest breakfast burrito of all time (along with some of the best bacon I’ve ever tasted). This my friends is my tale of a gloriously bacony morning…


It all started with a pack of Wright Brand peppered bacon. From the looks of the bacon in the package the morning was about to get off to a good start. I just didn’t know how good.


Just look at that thick-sliced, black-peppered goodness. The slices are so big they almost overpower the pan. Even before they started to sizzle the bacony smell began to fill the kitchen.


I like my bacon non-crispy. This gives me the added bonus of getting my bacon before the crispy lovers out there.


Scrambled eggs are being carefully positioned on an oven-warmed tortilla. It was at this stage that I grabbed my first taste of that Wright Brand bacon. Salty, tender, with just the right amount of fat and that wonderful pepper coating…if that combination sounds appealing to you please stop reading this post and go buy some Wright Brand bacon. Seriously, it’s that good.


If you are looking at the above picture and say “wow, that’s A LOT of bacon” kindly leave this web site. If you look at the above picture and say “WOW, that’s a lot of BACON!!!!!!!!!!” please read on. You are about to learn the secret of life. Seriously.


What are those yellow and reddish chunks on top of the bacon you ask? You recogonize the shredded cheese but are confused by what lies between it and the glorious bacon. Peppers? Onions? No and no. These are both yellow and sweet potatoes, and one of them will bring eternal happiness to your bacon-loving soul.

Turns out if you slow-roast the yellow potatoes & sweet potatoes with some carlic, olive oil, pepper, and other tasty seasonings (the chef would not reveal all the secrets unfortunately) you get one of the most amazing taste combinations ever known to the human race.

What’s with the over-the-top, dreamily-worded article you ask? Nothing. I’m serious. Although to be perfectly honest I think it’s the combination of sweet potatoes (AKA yams) and the peppered bacon that really does the trick. The sweet and salty interplay made for an absolutely perfect and extremely portable breakfast meal.

Now, if I could only get the lunch truck to start making these…

Smaste™ rating for the Wright Brand peppered bacon: a whopping 43.959

Smaste™ rating for the complete breakfast burrito: 45.999 (I’m not even sure the Smaste™ scale goes that high)

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  • giangsing says:

    This is the greatest website ever.

  • Lars Vargas says:

    Please tell me there’s a restaurant where I can get one. If not, there needs to be one that serves these. It looks glorious.

    If I can’t get one on Earth, I know what my first meal in Heaven will be, served with a beer by a stripper, of course.

  • succubus says:

    Actually, I looked at the photos and said: that’s not enough bacon.

  • Justen says:

    Looks good. You should know though, yams and sweet potatoes are similar, but not the same thing.

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