Belinda Strange – Bacon Babe

Forest Gump said that he & Jenny went together like peas & carrots. Two other items that seem to mesh well together are bacon and beautiful women. You disagree? Well let us introduce to you Belinda Strange.

Belinda hails from a little town in Texas about and hour-and-a-half outside of Dallas called Iowa Park. She says, “I was raised on a farm & we had lots of cows, dogs, cats. Also quarter horses which we showed all over Texas. I’ve always wanted a pygmy goat though which we never had. I love to go fishing I have no problem getting dirty. I have a great family who love me & I know how lucky I am to have them.”

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In addition to modeling cool bacon t-shirts, she’s also appeared on various web sites and in publications including the Playboy Lingerie Special (Feb./Mar. 2008).

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