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With an abundance of fruity and dessert-y infused vodkas, we’re all feeling a little diabetic over here. We want to have some meaty protein within our cocktails! Therefore the really awesome geniuses over at Black Rock Spirits answered our prayers. They created a meaty infused vodka so you can create some protein drinks that don’t have the word “shake” in it. You may not actually be ingesting real protein; but if you drink enough of these cocktails you will at least think you are.

Introducing Bakon Vodka™! Yep, that’s bacon infused vodka. Already made and bottled up, ready for you to start pouring. You don’t have to take the time to make your own! Don’t you love it when your wishes come true?

With Bakon Vodka™ you can turn your Bloody Mary’s into the best tasting Bloodies you’ve ever had. You can even make your very own BLT cocktail. With an extensive list of recipes on their website, all created by skilled bartenders, there is an assortment of bacon vodka drinks you can try for yourself. You can even throw your own bacon party as an excuse to dedicate a night of sampling the different recipes. Bacon Today already did. We’d post the photos but we decided the photos weren’t very internet savvy. Especially if any of us want to go into politics.

If you want to add some crazy different flavors of bacon to your Bakon Vodka™ Cocktails, Bacon Freak has an assortment of flavors such as Apple Pie, Summer Herb, and Jamaican Jerk. Their new flavors of bacon are the perfect companion with these cocktails. Get some Bakon Vodka™ and deliciously flavored bacon to be a bartender extraordinaire. Or just be really, really cool. Because it’s bacon. And bacon is cool. The End.

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