Baconcamp 2009 San Francisco – Part 1

March 24, 2009 12:01 am Published by 2 Comments

On Saturday, March 21, 2009, we attended the very first Baconcamp. This un-conference was held in the spirit of Barcamp and was attended by a wide range of bacon lovers from all over the place.

I’m borrowing a bit from Scott Kveton’s recap of the event (and using some of his super cool photos too), so thanks to Scott and all the folks at for that and working hard to put on a great event.

Mike & I sat on the panel of celebrity judges for the food+bacon portion of Baconcamp. Joining us were (listed by Twitter name) @iamcal, @arielwaldman, @micahsaul, Otto Von Danger (founder of BaconFest), and @kveton. Our Twitter name is @bacontoday in case you were wondering. With over 40 bacon-related dishes to sample, it was a long and bacony journey and very difficult to keep sharp on our scoring as we neared bacon coma.

We’ll list all the bacon dishes in a later article. For now, we’ll just list the winners. Quoting from Scott Kveton’s recap:

“The audience was given 3 votes which they could put towards the “Best Overall” and we recognized those with “Grand Prize” and “Runner-up” trophies.

  • Grand Prize: Maker’s Mark Ice Cream – @mooflyfoof
  • Runner-up: Chicken-fried Bacon – mp

The judges also had a few prizes they wanted to hand out based on the dishes we all sampled:

  • Judges Choice: The Bacone – Christian from Wikia
  • Judges Choice Runner-up: Potato bacon tart
  • Best presentation: Maple Bacon Lollipop
  • Most scientific: Bacon Hyper-cube
  • Most likely to tempt a veggie: Bacon hummus
  • Best Soup: Bacon Pea Soup – @oznog
  • Best effort, worst food: Bacon Brownies (hint: don’t mention poop during your preso)”

That ought to whet your bacappetites just enough for now. Check back soon for more updates and our video documenting the event titled “24 Hours of Bacon”.

Photo credit to Scott from the place where you should buy bacon.

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