Bacon Wrapped Wild Sturgeon

September 28, 2008 12:01 pm Published by 2 Comments

Writer Jeff Cox waxes poetically in a recent article on San Francisco’s Murray Circle restaurant and chef Joseph Humphrey in a recent article for the Press Democrat. He recalls the days gone by of canons protecting the Golden Gate Bridge. Then Jeff gets to the meat of the review:

“Wild Sturgeon from the Columbia River in Washington is rolled into a cylinder, wrapped in thin strips of smoked bacon, grilled in a wood fired oven, and served with creamy morel mushrooms.”

Sounds like an amazing meal and for $18 well worth the trip to San Francisco. Next time I’m there — I’m ordering this meal!

Read the original review

–Mr. B.

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  • imelda m. says:

    I live in Richmond and was going to the museum this weekend. We stopped by this on the way home and WOW. I was searching Murray Circle and this came up. Your bacon magazine is phenomenal… thank you for this! I will be back. By the way the burger is what I had. With bacon. So good, I went blind.

  • Uncle Fishbits says:

    You are a rock star, sir. Bacon Today? When you get the print version out there let me know.

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