Bacon Wrapped Pizza Log – An Epicurean Edition Of Cooking With Junior

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Hey remember “Mmmm Bacon ,that really cool country western song / video that we featured a while back, written, performed and sung by our good pork passionate pal, Junior Redwood?

Well, thanks to another loyal, fellow Bacon-Buddy; Will Mueller, we’ve just gotten word that Junior has started up a pretty awesome culinary video series called “Cooking With Junior,” and to nobody’s surprise, episode #1 is all about bacon, pork and more bacon … and, by the way … did we mention bacon?

Yessiree Bub, Junior shows you step by step, exactly how to make the ultimate “Bacon-Wrapped Pizza Log” and I’ll tell you what … judging by the comments, body language and facial expressions of the four gentlemen who get the honor of sampling Junior’s recipe after he has completed cooking it to absolute perfection, I can’t wait till tomorrow when I’m going to run to the store and get everything I don’t already have on hand in the pantry to make this meal a manifest masterpiece!

I’ve got to be completely honest with you here, I just find this guy to be so down to earth and sincerely REAL, that’s it’s truly a pleasure to watch him do something that he truly loves from the center of his being … or stomach!

Don’t let his relaxed, down home style fool you however, this guy really knows exactly what he is doing and the video is far superior to most recipe preparation videos that you usually find online.

It’s extremely well organized, well shot and well edited, heck there’s even a clock up on the wall the whole time he’s preparing the meal, so you always have a good sense of how long things really takes, even though he is kind enough to edit the video in such a way as to avoid long, laborious boring segments of dragged out, wasted time.

Cooler than cool, but without “acting” like he thinks or knows that he’s cool, Junior cooks in a very
laid back, at ease manner, drinking 1 or more chilled cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, while articulately explaining everything that he is doing … and why … in a approachable manner, adding in a lot of additionally interesting stories and side bars to keep the whole experience very entertaining and informative.

Warning: This recipe is for ONLY serious Baconistas, as it includes
a pound and a half of gourmet bacon, an absolute ton of Italian pepperoni, as Junior says: “You can’t have too many pepperonis, it’s just not possible” and a pound of gourmet Sausage.

So how good is the recipe? According to the c

omments received by those lucky folks that got to taste it: “It’s the best thing I’ve eaten this year” and “This is excellent … I’m at a loss for words here!” I’m sold and will be trying it tomorrow, just as soon as the local grocery store opens! Enjoy!

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