Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs in Maple Bar Donut Buns

No my bacon loving friends, your eyes do not deceive you. Those are in fact hot dogs wrapped in bacon placed inside toasted maple bar donuts. We will pause momentarily while you wipe the drool from your keyboard.

Gregory Han, managing editor of Apartment Therapy LA &, is the creator of this fabulous culinary delight. He started with Boar’s Head hot dogs which he fried in the pan right right alongside the bacon — grease and all. After the hot dogs & bacon were cooked, Gregory quickly toasted the inner surfaces of the maple bars in the same pan. We admire his use of every aspect of bacon flavor for this amazing recipe.

Even though we weren’t there when Gregory made them, we’re going to give this concoction a Smaste™ rating of OH MY GOODNESS!!! Seriously, we can’t wait to try these and judge for ourselves.

You can read more about this experiment is awesome eating on Gregory’s blog.

Have a great bacon recipe of your own? Let us know!

–Mr. B.

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  1. Tracy says:

    Agree that I started salivating when I saw this picture and had to stop myself from running out and getting the stuff to make them for dinner 😉

  2. Lis says:

    Yuuuuum. I seriously did start salivating. When I first saw the picture I thought those were regular buns and I was going to suggest adding pineapple and bbq sauce along with the bacon. But nevermind, maple donuts win. Ooh I bet this would be good with krispy kreme donuts too.

  3. Corey James says:

    thanks for the kind words DocChuck. Mike & I have built this site with no end in mind other than to cover all aspects of the world of bacon and there is no end in sight!

    –Corey James

  4. DocChuck says:

    When I first heard about your blog, I said to myself . . . “Self, how can someone post about bacon, as much as I love it, EVERY day?”

    I continued my conversation with myself, “Self, he will run out of ideas and shut down his blog in a couple of weeks.”

    Then, myself said back to me, “Self you were wrong. This guy has his shi*, I mean his bacon, together.”

    Good job, guy! Keep makin’ bacon!

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