Bacon-Wrapped Encore

Wrapping things in bacon is an art that was recently perfected by Chief Baconographer Corey James. Chicken. Polenta. Cheese. If you can dream it, Corey wrapped it in bacon last Christmas. Now it’s my turn. 

Sort of.

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I took a trip to the Disneyland of the kitchen – Costco. I needed a whole lot of waffles, so I went to Costco. I needed a year’s supply of cheese. So I went to Costco.

There I was, between the waffles and the cheese, minding my own non-bacony business when all of a sudden I found myself face to face with this…


Bacon-wrapped sirloin steaks. Six, 7 ounce steaks, wrapped and ready to cook. All for just $12.29. 

Smaste™ rating to follow.

Until then, happy bulk shopping.

— Mike

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