Bacon Wrapped BBQ Shrimp and Filet Mignon

February 11, 2009 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Today I was hungry. I searched, I foraged, I hunted within the deepest and darkest corners of my kitchen cabinetry. What was it that I wanted? What was it that I craved? Then it hit me…BACON!


My foggy head cleared just enough to remind me that in my freezer was some bacon-wrapped goodness sure to ease my hunger pangs.  I opened the door and was greeted by the day’s salvation for my salivation, Original Rangoon’s Surf & Turf. Yup, frozen BBQ Shrimp and Filet Mignon — both wrapped in bacon.


Upon removal from the package I’ll admit the filet mignon didn’t look all that appealing. It was covered in ice crystals which I washed off before snapping the sexy photo above. Sure, I was hungry but I had to have a little artistic license. The filet mignon was wrapped in black peppered bacon which appeared to have some potential for a decent Smaste™ rating at first glance.


The BBQ Shrimp had an odd coloration and I thought maybe its time for consumability may have passed. Then I realized that the color was due to the BBQ coating and my fears were set aside. The smell of both the filet mignon and the BBQ shrimp began to waft through the kitchen as I pre-heated the oven to the recommended 450 degrees.


I cooked the BBQ shrimp and filet mignon for 8 minutes, flipped them, then again for another 8 minutes as the package directed. The final result was a quick & tasty meal for one bacon lover. The package lists 3 servings, but with only 4 shrimp and 4 pieces of filet mignon its hardly more than a snack for more than one person.

Original Rangoon’s offering earned a solid Smaste™ rating fo 32.44. Good enough if the stuff is on sale, but not quite Smastey™ enough to pay full price.

–Corey James

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