Bacon and Weight Loss

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Bacon and Weight Loss


Many people feel the need to lose weight, and assume that the best way to do so is by cutting out certain high fat foods like bacon. In fact, many people would not associate bacon as a food that facilitates weight loss due to the amount of fat that it contains. However, it is the high fat, high protein content in bacon that causes a feeling of fullness after consuming it. A breakfast of bacon and eggs will keep you full for many hours. Bacon is challenging the outdated idea that eating low-fat foods causes people to be less fat. In fact, the opposite is proving to be true.

Many people know that bacon contains fat, and they fear that it is dangerous to consume. Research and studies have shown that bacon actually provides a feeling of fullness and satiety, and that most of the fat in bacon is the healthy kind: monounsaturated fat. It has been discovered that the feeling of fullness from eating bacon or other high-protein foods can help discourage people from binging on carbs, which are “empty calories” and can lead to spikes in insulin levels. These spikes in insulin levels are what can cause binge eating and unhealthy snacking.

This infographic perfectly illustrates how bacon can facilitate weight loss. It’s important to remember that moderation is key. So long as a person eats fewer calories than they burn each day, they will lose weight.


bacon and weight loss

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