Bacon Today Presents Bacon Events – Your Guide To All Gatherings Bacony!

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So maybe you’re a dedicated “Baconista” looking for other kindred spirits in your area to organize your very own local Bacon Fest.

Or perhaps you’re a passionate pork patron looking for the closest bacon oriented event to where you live.

Possibly you and a group of fellow Bacon Freaks are planning out an awesome road trip together and need to wisely map out a solid string of “Bodacious Bac-offs” all along your chosen path.

Perfect, because everyone’s favorite bacon blog, Bacon Today has just opened the velvet curtain and began allowing access to the country’s only “1 stop” national “Bacon Bulletin Board” covering everything bacon, from your most enthusiastic “Bacon Fests” to your largest and most seriously well organized “BaConferences!”

Introducing “Bacon Events,” an online “Public Pork Portal Of Participation” that allows Baco-Maniac’s just like you, located all around the country, to post all the pertinent information about their local “Barnburner Bacon Ball” so that all interested enthusiasts out there can contact the official “Flesh Festival” administrators for more information if they are looking to participate or merely take down the posted data in order to merely attend.

Yep … announce your local Bacon Event or simply find one to attend, like this…

Let’s say I take my girlfriend on a trip out west and we check out the Portland Bacon Fest and she get hooked and hogtied by how absolutely awesome the event is and squeals for joy that she wants MORE!

Problem is, vacation is over and we live in back home in Pennsylvania. What is a newly “ba-converted” baco-holic” to do?

Simple! Just go online and click on over to Bacon Today’s brand new “Bacon Events” section and look at all the postings for one in your area.

Well I’ll be; here’s a posting for “The Great Sugardale Bac-On” taking place November 6th at the Monroeville Convention Center in beautiful Monroeville, PA. Hey, look at that, the event includes a “Recipe and Cooking Contest” so we better be sure to submit an entry for Aunt Pigweena’s “Bacon Brittle” before the contest’s cut-off date which the listing says is September 26th.

All pertinent information is right there at Bacon Events, including contact info and the event’s official website. Wow, check that out!

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